Our mission

MedDay is an pioneering biotechnology company

At MedDay, we believe that it is possible to treat neurodegenerative diseases by targeting key neurometabolic pathways.

We strive to develop neuroprotective and neurorepair disease modifying therapies and to provide solutions to patients, their caregivers and the healthcare community, in order to improve patient care in areas of high unmet medical need.

Promising clinical trial outcomes have encouraged us to date, and are continuing to drive us to pursue this direction.

In daring to explore disrupted metabolic pathways in the central nervous system, our teams push the limits to improve future solutions for people affected by neurodegenerative diseases.

Our Vision: When you explore new angles, you discover new horizons



Our cultural DNA

A company’s culture starts on Day One. Our core values are part of the company’s DNA and are essential to our identity.

In our day-to-day life at MedDay, we are driven by excellence and guided by the following values:



We choose to speak openly and truthfully even if this leads to healthy conflict. We act with integrity

Patient Centric

As the company grows, we will continue to focus on our central mission – to develop new therapies and hope for patients with neurodegenerative diseases


Pioneering a fundamentally new approach to drug discovery through advanced neurometabolic analysis and informatics. We are proactive, think outside the box and challenge the status quo


We are always willing to learn and we are open to exploring different ideas


United by a common goal, we leverage the power of working together to achieve a greater outcome